Erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance

erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance

This place eden looked cheaply decorated and we were the only people there, besides about 6 strip girls, most weren so nice looking, so we didnt even pay any attention to them. At this point, we turned round to go out saying thanks but no thanks, but the door was shut behind us and guarded by a very intimidating bouncer. These negative experiences should not diminish all the other good places to go to as there are many. Instead of the glasses of wine the waiter came back with 2 medium bottles of Hungarian Tokaji wine. Moscow 95 things to see. We called up our families and friends and told them what had happened and they told us to report the incident to the British Embassy in Budapest and NOT the police who we feared would dismiss the incident as being our own fault. We were stunned, angry and scared for our lives as we didnt have enough to cover the bill they demanded we pay. erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance Check the site of the American Embassy in Hungary: Victims of personal crimes, such while in Hungary are strongly encouraged to report all such incidents to the police. Then the bar keeper came to note down data from my passport. We noticed that it was a strip club, but decided to pass however, on walking past the club, one of the doormen ask us to come. That is the type of business we can only dream about in the. But we simply got rude it is already destroyed. Do NOT argue about the price as it will just go up and. erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance

Erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance - Pinky

A she directly orders a drink wich cost you.000 HUF, without you saying erotik planet regensburg pinky table dance anything or ordering! No ripp off at all. We approached some people to ask for a nice bar, since it was too early for a Club or Disco. I tried 4 separate ATMs but my card wasnt accepted so we went back to the club. But no, it was taken off and put to table with no questions asked or instructions given. These guys are armed and it is made crystal clear that if you do not pay up you will either be seriously hurt or will be made to disappear. But once you are in you are surrounded by several girls and before you know what is happening several bottles of champagne are placed on the table. We were then told that we still had to pay the remaining amount and at this stage they were getting very angry and the treats of death and hurt continued. Luckily I didnt have any card with. I was in a group of 5 friends when walking back to our hotel on our last night in Budapest. It was then that one of the bouncers presented us with a bill for 100,000 HUF! A normal prize for the serving should.000 HUF (3.

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